New Reviews 12/14/2013

Darkhaus- My Only Shelter- CD/ Digital ( Oblivion/ Spv)

So if I Told you two members of Pro-Pain did an Electro Synth Rock album would you believe me well you have to as it's Called Darkhaus.... Gary and Marshall of that very band are main members of the band. If you like bands like Him, Later Tiamat, Kontrust, Machines of Loving Grace and Stabbing Westward . This band is as catchy and driven in sound and mindset. There is a very layered synth with hardrock going on with a heavy gothic over tone. The Darkness is in the way the album is presented. The guitars are very massive and have that very compressed Distorted element. The vocals are to me something you would here in 90's hard rock or the more commerical industrial bands of the day. There is a very Punk element to all of this as well but over all Darkhaus has made one hell of a kiss ass album and I would love to hear more soon.

Wombbath- Internal Caustic Torments- CD/ Digital ( Pulverised Records)

Someone is a old school death metal fan in the highest of orders as this reminds me of Dismember, Entombed and Grave in the way it all goes down here. Simple, Bludgeoning , Guttural Death just the way its suppose to be . If this was 1990 they would be signed to Roadrunner, Earache or Nuclear Blast  for sure as this was the sound of the day that needed to be heard. Right now this is very retro but in no way does it make it bad it more of a tribute to all the years these guys have been at it as this band has been around since the 90's.. Keep up the good fight my friends we will always need Death metal for the next generations of metal heads and with that I say nice work indeed..

I Exist- From Darkness- CD/ Digital ( Prosthetic Records)

Sludgy Crusty hardcore from Down under. If you could speed up Crowbar or make bands like Kylesa more down tuned and noise. What happens if C.O.C and Buzzoven had a love child I think it would very much sound like this. I Exist is pissed of that is clear a day and has a total worship for the NOLA Sludge doom scene but still clearly want to keep its hardcore elements of bands like VOD and Madball.  They cross two lines and merge them into one wonderful album of low end tones, feedback and bluesy kick ass heavy rock.  Keep the torches lit my brothers of the southern doom sound. It's almost stoner but just do heavy and noisy. There are elements of Electric Wizard and Cathedral going on here as well. I Exist is just good enough said.....

Cokegoat- Vessel- CD/ Digital ( Economy of motion)

This is one messed up unit it mixes Post Metal, Doom, Black, Blues and Noise rock all into something that sounds like Black sabbath if the songs were written by guys in Today is the day or Polkadot Cadaver . Cokegoat is everywhere and no where all at the same time. The focus is Southern Doom riffs but they add indie rock, punk and post hardcore elements just to make you 2nd guess yourself. Bands like this will get a major cult following but then normally can never break that level . Cokegoat remind me much of Melvins in the way they will influence many and get to always release albums on labels of more famous artist and tour as a support act for them. I want more for a band like this lets get them into a major promo swing and let the world know how damn talent this band is...

Tidal Arms-S/T - CD/ Digital (Black Numbers)

So the very 1st thing I hear from this band is a love of Voivod meets The Body. Can you have  Sci Fi Post Hardcore as this is were I hear Tidal Arms. This is an epic release with the power and sonic levels to move or alter mountains. There is a Neurosis element happened at times too but they like to have more of an Avant Spacey off tempo thing going on. Tidal arms does get doomy as hell at times. I also hear bands like Polvo and Katatonia going on here . This is not a metal band as its too limited a term for them . Jazz and Math rock is going on in the background here then the Fury and Noise is layered then Indie Hardcore and Metallic sounds are topped off for a band that I would love to see live. I put them in a place like Kayo Dot were everyone wants to be  Avant Metal and there are moments but they are just Kayo Dot. Love Tidal Arms for what they are not what you want them to be...

Exivious- Liminal- CD/ Digital ( Season of Mist)

Wow total Prog Jazz metal with ex member of Cynic and Pestilence. I swear for a moment I thought this was a Devin Townsend or  Ayreon  release as that how over the top and tech metal it is. Exivious is the soundtrack to my dream and beyond. The talent and musical creativity here is off the freakin charts. Instrumental Prog is what they call the style its a good beginning but there is so much going on that is just a doorway to all that is Exivious. There is just no simple way to explain how this sounds at all as it's just something you need to hear. If you like bands like Porcupine Tree, Canvas Solaris and Behold the Arctopus then this album is a must own. I would has expected this to be on a label like Inside out, Magna Carta or Lasers Edge as that is how Prog and Jazz the metal is folks. I love this album......

Hail Spirit Noir- OI Magoi- CD/ Digital ( Code666)

Post Black metal meets Devil Doll and Sabbath Assembly all at the same time . Hail Spirit Noir have the 60/70's occult prog sound mixed with Experimental metal and Nordic Black metal in the way bands like Arcturus, Borknagar and Darkthrone have given it to the world. I swear this is a Spaghetti Black metal western sound track with folk over tones. I don't know where you came from but please don't go anywhere are me need several more releases from you. Hail Spirit Noir you even have a Beastmilk element going to all you create. Thank you Code 666 for always staying cutting edge as label and finding gems like this..

Rise of Avernus- L' Appel du Vide - CD/ Digital ( Code 666)

Do you remember when Doom metal was orchestral, epic and had huge gothic overtone bands like My Dying Bride, Paradise lost, Within temptation, Theatre of Tragedy, Tristana you get the point were I'm going this is what Rise of Avernus is to the note. Something labels like Peaceville, Napalm and Spinefarm use to go into battles to sign back in the mid to late 90's.  I miss bands like this are are still a few new ones coming from time to time but not really on this level or scope. The guttural growls with the sinister and sexual female operatic and classical vocal interplay with lush synths, strings, slow and plodding Doom/ death guitars and that over the top prog like death metal drumming and bass line. Bands like Rise of Avernus gives me chills an hope for a rebirth of Doom/ death again...