7 New Reviews 11/9/2013

Izegrim- Congress of the Insane- CD/ Digital ( Listenable)

Just from the 1st track you get a Cross between Kreator and Arch Enemy in the style that is going on. There is a huge Heavy Thrash with that Gothenburg Melodic Death metal element going on here.  With Izegrim the guttural Female Death / Thrash snarls are really amazing at time there is a total  Power metal element of bands like  Nevermore and Iced Earth too in the complexity of the metal riff going on. Izegrim is a wall of holy hell going on . If you heard  The Agonist as well there is a very similar theme going on there. I was not ready for Izegrim to be anything special or original and was I ever surprised.  Bands like this give me faith in extreme metal future. Keep the flame alive...


Sasquatch- IV- CD/ Digital ( Small Stone)

So you like you like you heavy rock doomy, fuzzed out and catchy as hell with a Southern Blues to it well well well my friend Sasquatch is going to kick you in the ass. Kyuss, Monster Magnet, Pepper Fronted C.O.C and a deep love for mighty Blue Cheer and Cream... This album has hit me all in the right spots . They have been hear even on Sons of Anarchy on FX. Sasquatch is a perfect name for this mysterious lumbering beast on a band. The low end is just sonic ally crushing . The vocals are not as stoner as a feared they are far more hard rock. I think they have a lot in common with Black label Society another band I have a deep respect for as betting a great rock band with a metal attitude. Small Stone you have a genre defining band here get this out to the masses so the arenas can keep the rock alive as well...


<br />Ævangelist - Omen Ex Simulacra

Aevangelist- Omen Ex Simulacra- CD/ Digital (D.M.P)

Epic nightmare in scape Post Black metal with a strong industrial metal over tone. Imagine for a moment P.h.o.b.o.s and Early Pitch Shifter mixed with Blut Aus Nord,  Deathspell omega and Ofermod . This band is out there and just interesting as all can be. Oh shocker they reside in the land of the Northwest US odd Portland Oregon. I should have seen that coming. There is something about the rain, giant forests and isolationist ideals out there that make everyone a bit strange and the band down right bizarre and wonderful at the same time. The Drum machine is what adds the hypnotic elements to it all. Black industrial Shoegazing is what I want to call this but it far more chaotic then that and that makes is sound like that there is a melody and with this there is none. If Esoteric (UK) was a black metal band it would sound like this . If you listen to this there is no turning back you world will move into directions you may not be ready for . I say listen and listen often....


Eyes of Solitude- Canto III- CD/ Digital ( Kaotoxin)

Remember the day of Gothic Doom metal bands such as Tristana, Unholy, Ahab, Moonspell, Silentium and Ashes you leave. Well mix that with bands like like  Incantation and The Chasm and you have Eyes of Solitude. Canto III is a soul draining album of high levels of challenging song structures, riffs tempo changes and just a wall of doom... If Black, Death, Goth and Doom call merge into one band equally and band a sound this is here Eyes of Solitude comes from. You can hear the loss, hatred, pain and madness coming from the very speakers with a band like this. Music like this will people react in many different ways. The emotions are dark and bleak there is no comfort here. If you need to let the darkness out then this is band for you. Best played on cold dark winter nights in a cabin with a fire going reflecting on the past and wondering where it all went wrong... Eyes of Solitude is Doom...


Mutoid Man- Hellium Head- CD/ Digital ( Magic Bullet)

So what do you get from members of Cave in and Converge not what you think there are hardcore elements but Mutioid man is much more a mix of Prog, Space Rock, Math rock and Avantgarde madness. I would see a band like this doing very well on labels like Amrep, Touch and Go or early Matador records.. Hydra head is written all over this as its like if Oxbow, Mike Patton and Kayo Dot went into a room got really drunk and just did what they fucking wanted to and told you just release it and don't ask any questions. The Beauty of this is the album is all over the place and oddly focused. There is that very 80's noise avant rock element going on here.  SST or Alt Tentacles kind of sickness is going on here. Magic Bullet you are releasing some really kick ass bands 1st Beastmilk now this . My hats off folks keep up the fury and sickness. This album is way worth its crazy journey....


Harm Wulf- There's honey in the soil so we wait for the till- CD/ Digital ( Deathwish)

With Deathwish I would not expect Americana, Folk, Avant Blues and Ritualistic Acoustic music but this is just what be get. Are you into Steve von till solo albums, Spiritual Front, Hexvessel and Ariel Ruin are what I'm here in this . There are elements of Swans and Nick Cave going on as well. Harm Wulf is as massive and epic as delicate and frail. I know its confusing but you need to hear it to understand. From what I'm reading this is the front man of a well known Punk/Hardcore band called Blacklisted . Harm Wulf is amazing on every track and in every way. I feel honored to had the chance to listen, digest it and have the time and place to talk about it to you all. If there is one album you take a risk on in 2013 make it this one there is something for everyone on this very reflective album. 


Wan- Enjoy the Filth- CD/ Digital ( Carnal)

Crusty, Punk filled Black metal in a way you can hear the lack of caring about all things around them and whether you like the band or not . This is not the point of the band its about getting thier anti social hymns to infect your mind and with one listen this is done. Black metal comes in all shapes and sizes these days. This is raw , harmonic, distant and cruel all at the same time. If bands like Buzzoven or Cavity were black metal it would be the heritage that a band like Wan has created. If you like San Fran Crust / Grind mixed with heavy doses of Black metal then Wan is a band you need to add to your list asap...  Punk and Black metal work so well together because there are no rules for either its a sound a tone and a statement nothing more nothing less. Wan reminds me of early Marduk as well and with that I close out my reviews this issues. This album is cathartic as all hell and I needed the purge .....