6 New Reviews 6/2/2013

Spheron- Ecstasy of God- CD/ Digital ( Apostasy Records)

Complexity and Progressive elements to Death metal is nothing new. Though creating it in a new and inventive manner is nothing of an easy task. Where Spheron comes into the picture is a mix of Brutally extreme Death metal and the over the top arrangements of bands like Edge of Sanity,   Hypocrisy and The Red Chord . I know many like to call this Tech Death metal music its more than that as is mixes elements of grind and hardcore into where Spheron comes to full picture. At times I think they have most in common with bands like Death or Pestilence just with a more modern overtone. Spheron talents are beyond what the mainstream will ever know or see. Spherom will write there own destiny if they continue down this road of intelligence and skill..


Mumakil- Flies will starve-CD/ Digital (Relapse Records)

Mumakil are very clearly a force in the realm of Grindcore as there are many sub divison's of this style were Mumakil would be very music in the earache/ relapse ideal so its no shock they are signed to relapse. As they have much in common with bands like Brutal Truth, Human Remains and Nasum. You can also hear Bands like Extreme Noise Terror and Aborted. Relapse as a band of speed , power and surgical strike in musical talent. Mumakil are not a wall of noise they are very sharp in production and the way you can hear everything. This is not noise, With Flies with starve they worked on a massive game plan for sound, arrangement and tone. If your even a remote fan of grindcore you need to hear Mumakil.....


Across Tundras- Electric Relics- Vinyl/CD/ Digital (Electric Relics)

So this is one of those albums that crosses 3 very different genres that at 1st you would not think would work at all just is surprisingly impressive. Proto Doom, Americana and Southern Roots rock. Across Tundras last release was on the mighty Neurot Recordings . From that side they get the Grails and US Christmas elements and can see why Neurot works with them. They also have a very Neil Young, Wilco, Jayhawks thing going on here. I will also say if you like bands Religous Revival music Across tundras gives me this vibe as well. I also hear bands like St Vitus and Sabbath in this sonic-ally masterful album. Across Tundras decided this time out to release the record themselves and with that let's help them get the music to proper people this is not an album for the masses but it is for those fuzzed out , bluesy hard rocking fans out there that love there music with passion and soul... 


Besieged- Victims Beyond all help-CD/ Digital ( Unspeakable Axe)

Wow Extreme thrash, Punk and Hardcore all blended into a moment that is just too good to be true. So DRI, Atrophy, Slayer, Excel and Vio-lence fan unite as you will have another band to fall in love with as that is Besieged mix of.  The solos are over the top and its the only way they should be. The vocals are throaty and strepped and the music is nothing but an addiction of speed and aural madness. Skate punks and Metal heads that have a need for mid period anthrax these will be your new anthems.  The label there on is a sub label of Dark Descent and they seem to have found a nitch for retro metallers and socal punks to have a field day with a new band with a very old spirit!!!!

Scale the Summit- The Migration-CD/ Digital (Prosthetic Records)

First off anyone that tells you bands need vocalist to be good or interesting.. Tell them to listen to Scale the Summit.... What you have is a instrumental progressive,jazz, thrash band. Words really do fail me to explain what I'm listening to if you could add the music of Kings X, Opeth, Racers X, Devin Townsend, Ayreon and Fates Warning all into one band then Have them perform old Genesis and Yes songs you would have Scale the Summit. These Texas natives are simply the shit nothing else really to say. You will not hear many bands like this in your life so do not miss out. Wow just Wow......

Integrity- Suicide Black Snake- CD/ Digital (A389/ Magic Bullet Records)

So if you don't know who Integrity is why?? for over a two decades they have been production some the most creative and interesting  Hardcore, Metalcore, Noisecore music in the world. Integrity is what would happen if Black Flag, Slayer and Misfits decided to create a full on hardcore band. Integrity is just that awesome and special. Their sound has defined a generation and created bands like Dillinger Escape Plan, Deadguy, Hatebreed and Madball for the love of the gods above. I feel labels like Slap a ham and Rhetoric were born just release music like this as much of thier rosters are directly influenced by Dwid and Integrity... They mix Blues solos and Jazz at time into the chaos . It's so good to see this band back into the fold making musical nightmares once more...