7 New Reviews 5/18/2013

Ash Borer- Cold of Ages -  Lp ( Pesanta Urfolk)

This was earlier released on CD and digital by Profound Lore and now has been released on a limited vinyl and normal full vinyl run this is Folk inspired black metal in ways that only bands like Ash Borer can do so it has a very Wolves in the throne room vibe going on here . Nature and Woodlands play a major role in the style and sound of how the band creates the themes and tones of their music. The controlled chaos of all that Ash Borer does is very clear and the talent that goes into this is beyond most people will ever understand. With Cold of Ages we have a very haunting dissidence going on that almost borders on Doom and Prog metal at time. Ash Borer are more interesting as the album goes along and welcome the need age of experimental heathen black metal .....

Chaostar- Anomima-CD/ Digital (Season of Mist)

If you know of the mighty Septicflesh then you will understand Chaostar as this is a project of the some of there members going into a more orchestral and neoclassical side of the bands sound if you like bands like Dead can dance and Rajna then you will see were they are taking the already symphonic metal sound you know and reguard so highly with Septic flesh, There are elements of Eastern and Southern European heathen movements going on as well. Chaos start is almost a non metal version of bands like Orphaned land and Therion. The music on Anomima is just mindblowing and the vocals are even better. The Operatic Female and male vocals are just wow. If you have heard Ava Inferi as well they are very similar . This is not an ordinary release and it should not be ever. Fantastic....


Circle- Six Day Run-CD/Digital (Ektro)

So long running Finnish Prog Space rockers Circle are back with another release this time with a bit more of a heavy backbeat and electronic side but this every thing you will love from this proto Post rock force and yes I say proto as they have all the elements of post rock but never bring it full circle (Pun indeed). I prefer to call them avant noise rocker as if you like bands like  Flux from James Plotkin, When or  Xploding Plastix then a band like this is going to win you over fast I mean even bands like Can , Hawkwind and Kraftwerk are huge influences on the band and you can hear it. If your ready for a heavy ride of sounds and powerful riffs then we will speak no more and journey on my musical traveler. I will end that this release is a soundtrack to a shortfilm and endurance sports so there is a strong cinematic element going on through out.


VHK- Bite the Stars-CD/Digital (Ektro)

Every time I hear VHK then remind me of a few things but 1st we need to understand this band has been around for decades and in europe have a cult like status . If you could mix punk, folk, heathen rituals and doom metal all into a bowl and mix till he become something that no one in the USA ever really hears then you have VHK. If you like the more somber moments of Neurosis mixed with Sabbath Assembly and Oxbox all into some thing of another dimension then and only then would be almost be close. The epic percussion and bass movements with the passionate sung , chanted and screamed vocals mixed with delicate acoustics of eastern europe make this a band that is something that to you heathen past feel very familiar but to the modern side feel like its very off kilter.  There are moments of Killing Joke and even Hedningarna (A Nordic Folk band that you all should check out). Ok so this band is Hungarian and yes the old world mean alot to there sound and with each release I've heard I'm more impressed by the band you will be to if you just take the chance.


Carrier Flux- Objections-CD/ Digital (Code 666)

Experimental Industrial / Ambient Black metal something Code666 have become well known for and Carrier Flux is the next in line to be honoured to work with a label that really seems to care about the quality of music and how the underground get it in a proper and well recorded manner . Carrier Flux comes from bands like D.H.G, Satyricon, Thorns and Fluerety and Solefald in the way Jeff creates his sounds and arrangements. Yes this is a one man black metal project but that should not lessen it one bit as its way more interesting then most out there with its mix of goth, industrial and electronics all in the post black metal style its not MZ412 or Ihsahn at all its a mix of all he hears and makes his own and I find that all the more important. Congrads to Code666 and Carrier Flux for a long and fruitful partnership...


Hybrid- Angst- CD/ Digital (Deepsend)

Well umm a jesus what did I just get myself into to review this is equal parts Post Hardcore, Mathcore and Noise/Grind all into something that I just love. Are you a fan of bands like Cynic, Atheist mixed with bands like converge , Meshuggah, Made out of babies and Red Harvest and Napalm death  all at the same time. Hybrid is wonderful madness brought to me by many 1's and 0's in this fantastic digital age. The wild uncontrolled creativity here is something that I miss until a new band comes around and throws me for a total loop like Hybrid. There are even some tasty as hell jazzcore moments from time to time and I mean with horns and all. Deepsend you have a Juggernaut here please get them exposed to as many fans as possible I do not want this band life on the side of the musical road as they are better then thousands of others I have heard over the last few yrs alone.


Arckanum- Fernis Kindir-CD/Digital (Underground Activist/ Season of Mist)

Epic Cold and Fierce Black metal for the warrior in all of you . Arckanum is one of those bands thats just gets how to piss off the world with its music. Fernis Kindir is fueled by the darkest of all emotions and that is revenge and disgust. You can hear it in every cord and vocal that is released by this one man assault. Season of mist has even put the release on its more underground label as they are presenting it to those of us that ready for the coming end of days and can fully be rewarded by a release like very few bands can spew forth on this sick sick world. Fernis Kindir will not be for everyone and that is very very clear but for the real black metal fan out there that misses the 90's raw and blistering elements mixed with a more modern black punk feel then get out your old album light the black flames of hate and let its dull glimmer warm thy self... Once you go in on Arckanum there is no turning back I will warn you now. The extremity here is second to none.. HORNS UP HIGH on this one.