6 New reviews 9/8/2012

Decline of I- Inhibition-CD (Agonia )

From the opening notes this has that DHG, Code, Saytricon  vibe going on then it start to go more in to that Shining (Sweden)/ Bethlethem element. I would call this more Post Dark Metal then Black metal as the vocals are the only really Black metal thing I hear. The guitars and Drum arrangements are much more Doom/ Dark metal with a very dark industrial feeling. I can see why Agonia would pick up on a band like this as they have that avant cold and torment sound going on that will grab a cult audience at one. The Doom is more like what Dolorian and Neurosis have been doing over the year as hypnotic as rumble filled. Love the electronic elements going on through out the release as well. I hope the press and world get a chance to hear this as it could become a lost gem. This is one of the more original releases to come from Agonia it mixes Jazz, Metal, Industrial and Post Rock all into a very bleak and powerful album.

Manetheren- Time- CD (D.M.P)

Now this is Post Black metal as hypnotic and spellbinding as one can be . The reverb and echo is used to a element the waves of layers and sounds come full on at you. Manetheren is a chilling journey bands like Ulver, Mayhem and Darkthrone have taken over the yrs and with this album " Time" the melody, grim and avant all mesh into more force of sickness, Sorrow and bliss at the same time. I recording is so full of different tracks all adding to the whole. I almost feel like a religious experiance is happening when I listen to Manetheren. D.M.P have for yrs been release left of center releases and for this reviewer I hope they never stop..

UFOMAMMUT- ORO (Opus Alter)-CD (Neurot)

This is Doom the slow and bubbling kind of Droning Doom that makes some quite mad to even try to listen to it. If you like bands like Om and Yob then this is a must listen. Its Post Prog Doom is what I would really call it if Rush or Yes Played Doom they would sound like this. Its so heavy and low end it makes me giddy like a school kick again. I love to just rock back forth seeing bands like this live or just sit back with headphones and envelop myself into the waves of bass lines and low end guitars. Thank you again Neurot for a band like UFOMAMMUT getting the exposure they truly deserve..


Rhy Marsh and the Autumn Ghost- The Blue Hour-CD ( Termo Records)

I was not ready for this but so very pleased I got this release to review. Mix Electronica, Jazz and Indie Rock all into what I call a cross between Portishead, Third and the Mortal and Modern Ulver in the way its arranged and presented it. I even feel a bit of minimalist Trip hop going on in the way the percussion is mixed with the horns and bass.  This is not a release that is in your face its as soulful and beautiful in its simplicity. The guitars are achingly jazz/blues in the very standard way of song writing.  If you could mix XTC, Brian Ferry and Bob Mould into one vocal force that is what the vocals remind me they have a very proper feel to them. I'm a sucker for a good horn section and this is doing it for me in aces. Open your mind and this album will impress..

Scott Kelly and the Road Home- The Forgiven Ghost in Me- CD (Neurot)

Both Mr Kelly and Von Till have gone in similar solo paths from Neurosis. This is a Folk/ Americana release in the highest or orders. Acoustic guitars, organs, raspy vocals and that old school delta blues sound. If you like Neil Young's Solo albums like Harvest Moon then this is a must listen. I swear at time Scott Kelly has channeled Mark Lanegan in vocals . As the whiskey soaked blues vocals are so much in affect here. Lap steel and slide guitars as so emotional filled words can not come close to what is going on here. This is a story that could be could down from they ages. I would also this come close to what the mellower side of bands like The Jayhawks and Wilco have done. Neurot is one of the most important indie labels in North America and with releases like this nothing will change soon.


The Gathering- Disclosure-CD ( Psychonaut )

Now into the a few releases in to the 3rd incarnation of the band I honestly didnt think without Anneke at the vocals they would be able to impress me any longer and with the last one and not Disclosure The Gathering have made an album that crosses styles, genres and many musical boundaries. Its a mix of Trip hop, Electronic jazzy post rock and Fuzzed out indie rock but its always high energy and just enough on that heavy side to just plain kick ass. Even the male vocals work very well on Disclosure.  Silje vocals are just as powerful as Anneke were and they are a bit more classically based. What the Gathering have are amazing Synth, organ, bass and guitar melodies that become a wall of sonic brilliance when all layered in a way only The Gathering can do. I still blown away that this was recorded in a home studio and they have taken the task of self releasing there albums as well. The Gathering are Indie Masterminds much in the same way Ulver has done with Jester records.. I just hope The Gathering keep experimenting with the sounds they do and keep this fresh and interesting. Though their metal days are long gone the fire and passion to create amazing music has not gone out at all. Get this or miss out on one of the albums 2012/2013....