6 New Reviews ... Its been too long my friends

Blood of the Black Owl- Light the Fires-CD (Bindrune)

What are you expecting from  Chet of  Glassthroat Recordings and Ruhr Hunter fame. This is Nature and Ritualistic Based Metallic side of what Chet has been creating for yrs. At time Blood of the Black Owl reminds me of Neurosis/ Tribes of Neurot meets with bands like Tenhi and Nest .. The flutes and simple percussion and throat singing on the intro track are just breath taking to say the least. With Light the fires there is Doom, Folk, Post Rock and Prog elements all going on at the same time this is far more then a simple release to ever understand and with this we need to understand that Blood of the Black Owl is an event to absorb and learn from on each listen . The Guitars, Drums and bass lines all have such an organic feel the them. If you like bands like US Christmas, Steve Von till and Grails then this is a must listen. 

Nechochwen- Oto- CD (Bindrune)

Bindrune is starting to get a focus on the kind of label they want to be and I for one like it very much. Mixing Folk, Ethnic and Metal into much what Prophecy Productions in doing in Europe and I glad to see such an inspired mix of sounds on one release to the next. Nechochwen very much remind me of Dornenreich mixed with bands like Anathema.. I'm sure you get were I'm going with this mix.. There is a darkness to Nechochwen that is hidden a most times but when it comes out is more powerful then most bands I've ever heard. With Nechochwen the Native American elements comes soaring out on this release with a Proggish Black metal vibe. You just need to hear it to understand . If you take the chance will be be in amazement and pleasure for the time taken.

Chaosweaver- Enter the realm of the Doppleganger-CD (Napalm)

So what we have here is a twisted journey into  Symphonic Black metal with a huge element of sci fi and fantasy thrown in for good measure if you like bands like Septic Flesh, Oxeplegatz and Yearning then you have a good starting point in where the wonders and madness explode into a world of over the top sites and sounds. Chaosweaver is a much about the theatrics and the music and that is not always a bad thing as visuals are very important if your playing a story for the theme of the album which Chaosweaver clearly is. There are moments where I hear bands like Old Mans Child and  The Kovenant shining through at well so there is an industrial element going on here as well. Chaosweaver is road that has been traveled before but they sure do make this journey an exciting and interesting one to say the least.


Eye of Solitude- Sui Caedere-CD (Kaotoxin)

Symphonic Slow Doom/Death with some massive deep vocals going on reminds me of some of the great Doom bands from the UK, Italy and Finland of the 90's just to say early Paradise Lost, Ras Algethi and Dolorian.. I hear bands like Incantation, Evoken and Dusk running through out this release. You can hear the sorrow and pain in every moment of the release. The production is heavy on the low end so not over produced where most doom bands seems to not understand.  With Eye of Solitude there is more then just doom going on there is a dark ambiance through out the tracks were its a back drop to the terror that comes from within your very soul. This album is so heavy and crushing I just miss Good doom when I hear it and Eye of Solitude is that good..

Reverence- The Asthenic Ascension-CD (Candlelight)

Yes Industrial black metal I love the sonic deconstruction this style always brings to the ears of those not ready for it. Its fast, loud, electronic, symphonic, raw and terrifying all at the same time and can you really asked for more. If you like bands like  DHG, Blut Aus nord, Code, Red Harvest etc then this is going to me a new fave on your list. Reverence is like a disease that once it hooks on you don't want it to leave no matter if its killing you it feels to good to let go. Welcome to the symbiotic world that Industrial Black music has created. Reverence has so much skill and talent at what there doing here. This French unit will take the metal world by storm and there just is nothing you can do but sit back and enjoy your demise.  


Godhunter- Wolves- CD (Self Released)

Sludgy, Crusty, Doom with a load of pissed of Post Hardcore angst thrown in just because Godhunter hates everything around them including YOU!!!. Godhunter reminds me of bands like Grinch, Floor, Grief, Buzzoven, Early Alabama thunder pussy and even Today is the day etc you get the picture. There is a bluesy stoner element but the Punk, Noisecore, Crust elements come into the mix so much more. I can no hate something that is so anger in presentation and the over all dark heavy blues groove going on. If you ever heard of a band called Solace from NJ they sound so much like them I swear its them reborn. This is booze soaked Sludge rock to say the least and at time I could be the 2nd coming of Crowbar as well. Godhunter you won me over on the 1st track and just got better from there.