3 New Reviews 1/29/2012

Sektor 304- Subliminal Actions- Digipak CD (Malignant Records)

Are you into Old Swans, Godflesh, Foetus, Killing Joke and E.N. then this is the monster for you a mix of Old school Industrial, Noise, Doom and Tribal elements. This is not a simple project period. the machines, vocals, percussion and loops and layers going on are powerful and oppressive to say the least. They remind me a lot of Liabach at times as well. There is something very sinister about what these Portuguese noise  mongers are creating. All I know is this is their 2nd album and I want to see them live or on DVD as a show from Sektor 304 will be things of legends. Subliminal Action makes there debut shadow this and their debut on Malignant kicked me in the ass. Two large thumbs up for this brilliant release.


Okanagana Waves Cover Art

Hollow Branches- Okanagana Waves- Digital/CD (Strix Records)

So what we have is the 2nd release I've been give to release by the Portland OR based Prog, Jazz, Post Rock force. What I hear is a continuation of what I got with " Anchored in Sleep". If you could mix  Katatonia, Ulver, Alcest all into one band then give it a very melodic post rock over tone you would have all the beauty that Hollow Branches creates. With the last album they had Jason Walton of Agalloch and Nothing fame perform bass and produce a lot the album this time the have a new bassist named Matt and I would say the vibe and feeling has not changed at all. I swear at times this band could be the U.S. version of  Tenhi . They seem almost kindred spirits. Robert you band is something that is very personal and special to me and I thank you every time you give me the time and change to review you music.

<br />Akphaezya - Anthology IV : The Tragedy of Nerak

Akphaezya- Anthology IV-CD (Code666)

More form the Avant and Prog rock side of Post rock music that also mixes elements of Black and Doom metal . Akphaezya is just plain odd all the way around if you could mix Arcturus, Mayhem, Third and the Mortal and The Gathering all into one studio them decided to let Mike of Opeth and Dan Swano master and produce the album you what have this skitzo force on a CD. The mix of Angelic female vocals and tormented Blackened male vox all over a classical prog/avant metal backdrop. If you could call a band  Eastern Oriental Black n Jazz then I would say that Akphaezya has just create that genre. Anthology IV is something your going to see the beauty in or hate after the 3rd track . Its just one of those bands. 2012 is turning into a yr of the underground music as so many new bands have impressed me in 3-4 weeks.


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