7 New Reviews 9/17/2011

East of the wall- The Apologist-CD (Translation Loss)

More tasty Post metal with a heavy prog element going on. This is bass driven madness imagine for a moment it  Opeth, Isis and Yes all formed a band then made it a bit fuzzed out. I think you would have a good idea where East of the wall is coming from. They do like to add a Jazzy Faith no more  element to there sound from time to time. The vocals are so pissed off its were all the hardcore elements come in. This band comes from fragments of Postman Syndrome ad Biclops so always expect that Post Hardcore sound mix in which in full force.  East of the wall sound like a mix of  Slint, Rodan and Sleepytime Gorilla Museum. The Apologist is an interesting ride to say the least and with each album the expend the acoustic mixed with raw brutal power of the tracks. This is as melodic as complex not your run of the mill rock band and I thank them greatly for this.


Einherjer- Norron-CD (Indie Recordings)

Viking/Folk metal has always been a flavor of  metal I have always loved and with Einherjer return this has not changed at all even though with Norron there seems to be a bit more of an industrial element going on which really works its has a Rammestein tone going on mix with what is very much a viking/ heathen metal  theme.  You can just feel the war themes and quests for conquest and victory in each song. Einherjer use to have a more black metal style mix in but I want to call this Industrial Viking metal and it so very impressive the production is fully there everything is crisp and massive and this maybe the best vocal attack on there albums in yrs. If you Like Borknagar, Falkenbach and Thyrfing this is a band for you hands now. Raise your Ale horns to Odin my friends this is the new hymns for Raganrok .

Black Cobra- Invernal-CD (Southern Lord)

This is an odd creature all to itself I just saw them live and the power of just Drums, Guitar and vocals live blew me away and now on there 2nd full length for Southern lord Black Cobra have come full circle . They are mixing elements of Sludge, Grind, Power Violence, Noise, Drone and Doom into something that is all there own. Its  like if Mastadon and Eyehategod got into a fight at an Earth show. There is no real way to explain the mighty and epic tones that come from this Duo... The music is just pure power driven by full on overdrive and caffeine.   Black Cobra is the kind of band that causes Mosh pits just from note one. They are about the live show its a must to see. One of the brightest shining stars on a roster of amazing bands. Southern Lord knows how to pick them.. 


Fuck the Facts- Dismiserable-CD (Relapse)

So what we have here is a female fronted Grind/Post Hardcore trainwreck coming at you at over 200 mphs with one mission and that is to kick you in the skull and make you there bitch. Well Fuck the Facts job well done. I really can not say much more on this other then if your fan of bands like Oathbreaker, Crisis and Walls of Jericho then guess what . Don't fucking miss out on this . Full on Destruction of a musical genre going on here. They so remind me of another band on Relapse back in the day call Human Remains and that is an honor as they kicked my ass live and on album..


Skinny Puppy- HanDover-CD (SPV Records)

So if you don't know who Skinny Puppy are then your living under a rock or just never going to care and this band is going on 30 yrs of making electro industrial noise and this is still the case with Orge and cEvin  the gang is back with a bit more glitch and goth tone to all that is going on but no less interesting actually Skinny Puppy has a better production and better song writting element going on with this album over others. There is a Killing Joke meets Ministry  vibe going on here if you remember Kovenant as well the electro Avant metal band with Nagash of Troll and Dimmu Borgir it has that going on too. I like the more gitchy industrial rock side at times Puppy gets to dancey for this review and after several tracks this has not happened here. Check it out nice to see creative and inspired work from a band still after three decades..

Archgoat- Heavenly Vulva-CD ( Debemur  Morti)

Christ raping Black metal has returned from this Black Death squad of raw , bombastic  and avant  musicians. There are symphonic elements but they are just that a backdrop to the dripping and seething hate that comes from this mini album. The vocals are so low and gurgled you have to feel them to understand. Its like if Incantation or Womb were a pure black metal force. Love the bass and noise elements going on with the Black grind sounds.  If you like your Black metal dirty and sick then look no further. Archgoat have mastered there craft over the yrs and this is prime example of that.  Just remember in the 90's when you waiting for your Black metal mail order Cds to come from Redstream or Osmose and you will be returned to there with the assault of Archgoat....

Glorior Belli- The Great Southern Darkness-CD (Metal Blade)

Your kidding me right how the hell did Glorior Belli become more impressive and experimental in sound. Metal Blade I can see why you scooped them up from Southern Lord and Candlelight. If you can mix Blues, Avant Black metal, Jazz and Post rock into one band then these French madmen have just done so. This sounds like an army of guitars, basses , synths and drums all with a vocalist that is about create and project the greatest ritual of all time on this dying world.  The complexity of this band is help by very few and making comparisons they only two I can think of are D.H.G and Code as they are cut from the same cloth.  They mystery in Black metal is back with bands like this. You hear amazing Black metal of this caliber only from a few labels like Anja Offensive, Moribund, Debemur  Morti, and Code666 really.  Glorior Belli is a cut above the rest and I know many may not hear it but this band has a huge King Diamond thing going on in Arrangements and tones.   Wow just wow we may have album of the year here with The Great Southern Darkness ...