New Reviews 5/7/2011

Salt the Wound- Kill the Crown-CD (Rotten Records)

This is a total love/ hate kind of band if your into At the gates, Mid period Inflames and Dismember then this is going to kick you in the ass musically. Gothenburg/ Swedish death metal sound is full on here. The power and brutality of this band is only mixed with the complexity and melodic elements flowing from within all they do. Salt the wound really make me long for that 90's Swedish death metal sound so much more then every before. Rotten Records has one hell of a release on their hands and this could be a major metal force with the right push.

Polkadot Cadaver- Sex Offender-CD (Rotten Records)

So every thing I loved on there last album is all them here. Mix Beach Boy, Queen, Faith No More, Tub Ring, Devin Townsend and Voivod into a sickness that is all this and more. Polkadot Cadaver is so many styles, sounds, ideas , feeling and layers that its impossible to genre or even define what music path they have chosen as it goes from Pop to punk to metal to Surf to Jazz to Indie back to Avant Prog rock.  This band is criminally under rated to say the least. If this is the future then I welcome it with open arms as this is one of by Desert Island bands with Ulver and The God Machine ... Mandatory Listening here people.


Someone is in love with The Melvins and Mastodon to a level I've not heard in a very long time and you know what Amen Brothers and Sisters as worshiping at the low end temple of sonic sludge is what the best of the best do to make music with emotion , grit and aggression all this and more are with Red Fang. The riff are a monster on this one people . Listen up and  listen loud. Red Fang are one of the best fuzzed out and hypnotic releases I've heard in a while . There is a strong Monster Magnet and Kyuss element going on with Red Fang as well.  I don't like a lot of what you would call stoner but this is kicking me hard my friends. Long live the Fang!!!


This is fucking soul crushing DOOOOOOM. with elements of Grind and Post Metal all mixed into aural pain so profound that it will age you with the sonic elements that it produces. Droning and Slow as molasses . Ahhhhh I think I just hit the ultimate level of Nirvana one can for this genre of music can be. Think Earth2, Damad, Noothgrush and Eyehategod all at a party performing together and having a fist fight all at the same time.. Love the noise rock element they throw in for good measure as well. Indian is a band on the mission of Doom for Doom and there is no more justified cause for any musically identity.. Relapse we thank you for another Doom filled lesson!!!

Rabbits- Lower Forms-CD (Relapse)

Remember when you would goto the record store to get the singles from Amrep, Subpop, Bovine or Touch and go in the 90's well hail all things noise rock and dirty indie rock as this is 100% what Rabbits are all about. Low fi and full of piss and vinegar.  Rabbits are part Cows, part Cavity and part Surgery in the sonic low end assault going on here. Rabbits have a lot in common with band like Deadguy, Born Against and Kiss it Goodbye in that Post Hardcore ethic as well. I don't know how else to explain this other then I really love this album and will be pushing it like a drug to all that will listen to me..


So if you ave not heard this band yet . 1st I would ask why?? They mix a few of my favorite musical styles Post Rock, Post Hardcore, Folk , Americana and Dirty Blues.  There is even a groove to what Across Tundras create. The vocals are so very soulful and provoking in they way they are presented and commanded.  Sometime I will like I'm listening to a 70's Spaghetti western in they way Across tundras presents its music. There is something very special about all that comes from the Neurot label and this is all the more in that mold and ideal. Rock and Roll is ever changing , ebbing and flowing into a create that no one 40 yrs ago could even come close to think of. Across Tundras mixes the Past, Current and Future sounds all into more of the most interesting blends of melodies, sorrows and uplifting hymns anyone can ask for..

ECHTRA- Paragate-CD ( Temple of Torturous)

Simple Folky and Ritualistic guitars mixed with Droning tones and a very primitive percussion is where this project is coming from to me . I've never heard of Echtra before but this seems to be there second release on a Chinese label. Echtra is sprialing and very hypnotic is the way the music comes about almost in the way bands like Troum or Mandible Chatter created there masterpieces. The deep chanting is very beautiful in the way it is presented as well. Portland Oregon is a place of many musical mysteries and with Echtra they just continue. I would like to say this is like a mellower Wolves in the Throne room or the more folk side of Blood of the Black owl or Agalloch.  There is something very occultish about all of this as well. The two track are both very long but never become boring in any way either. I hear a lot of Wolvserpent in this release as well.  I look forward to hearing much more from this Blackend Droning Folk project.

Aenaon- Cendres Et Sang-CD (Code666)

Well Well Well Post Black metal in the vein of Manes, Negura Bunget, Saytricon, DHG and Khold in what is a  very interesting and innovative sound. But with a label like Code 666 what would you expect. Love this sound that mixes Black metal with hardrock, Blues, Jazz and Carnival music in a way to even put Ulver fans at a frenzied pitch. Aenaon are a band that want to be in a league all there own and with this release that are a cut above the rest for sure. The vocals are sung, cried , screamed and growls sometimes in the same passage. I don't what to use the word epic but something more like massive and majestic fit into what the band is trying to present for sure. I'm a sucker for horns esp jazzy ones so thank you for that on the very 1st track to start out. 2011 is becoming a very good year for new music..