Ruled by Reason Interview is up



1. As most of us know little to nothing about this Extreme Metallic force tell us about yourself..
We're a five piece Heavy Metal band from Cleveland, Ohio. We started jamming together in winter of 2008 with the ambition to make some heavy metal.  We began gigging in 2009 and really from there have just been playing shows and writing a lot of music.

2. You seem to like to mix Prog, Jazz, Power and Death metal into a a stew of chaos and beauty is this how what the sound has always been?

We started this band with the idea to make some Heavy Metal but not really put restrictions on ourselves.  The idea grew into a blend of all our influences and has been evolving ever since. There's always been a pretty strong chemistry between all of us, so it's always been a pretty open minded approach to the style.

3. I feel bands like Meshuggah, Fear Factory, Soilwork and Opeth have played a big part in your sound is this true or am I just hearing these bands by dumb luck?

Definitely true. Every band you stated has really paved the way for the upcoming generation of metal.

4. You are on a very new start up label how did you and The Execution Kollective come to work together?

Nathan Birk is a friend of ours who is working with the label. He liked the sound we had going, and thought it worked well for what The Execution Kollective wanted to have.

5. What you thoughts on the current indie extreme music scene is it thriving or very hard to get any real push with the digital age now?

Its probably a mixture of both.  The digital age is really helping "nobodies" get discovered. Things like Youtube and MySpace really help for the local band to get some exposure they couldn't get without that.  At the same time though, this gives everyone a chance to be heard, and people only have so much time to listen. I guess in the end, good music will be what makes it to the top.

6. Will Ruled by Reason be touring the USA at all in 2011 ?

There is nothing in the works currently, but we would love to and absolutely plan on touring the USA as soon as the time seems right.

7. As I went deeper into the album there was a strong love of very Tech Thrash bands like Forbidden, Testament, Sadus and Exodus do you feel that this is more a layer of the band that one needs to hear as the digest your sound?

Our thrash and tech influences come through since we try to make riffs and songs that are entertaining to perform, at the same time that they're entertaining to listen to. Testament played a large part in showing that and we love to continue it.

8. The vocal harmonies are so powerful do you think the mix of clean and brutal vocals with the very complex melodic music take you a cut above of music of the metal sound today?

I wouldn't say a cut above, but maybe just a different cut.  Bands like Between the Buried and Me do a fantastic job mixing melodic music with brutal vocals. That's always been something that piqued our interest.

9. What is it like in the studio to create " The Dawning of Dystopia" Its it done in layers or a live band then over dubs. There really is so much going on here?

We did everything in layers. During Pre-Production we make tempo maps and scratch tracks. With that our drummer does his thing. Then Guitars,Bass, and finally vocals. Working with Noah Buchanan at Brainchild studios was a blast.

10. Being a newer band to the world . Are there any new or lesser known bands that impress you that need to be mentioned to my readers to support and get the word out?

-We have a thriving scene in Cleveland, Ohio with talented bands that need to be recognized. To name a few: Fallen Captive, Solipsist, Along Came A Spider, Brigmah, Taken by Talons, The Dagger Rebellion. All of them are on MySpace and Facebook. You won't be disappointed.

11. Is there a theme on " The Dawning of Dystopia" or its it a collection of powerful metallic tracks?

Being our debut album, it turned out to be more of a collection of music we had written.  At the time of recording we had 12 songs, so we took our pick of the best. Certain songs were definitely made to be back to back though.

12. thanks for the time to talk any closing thoughts here

We'd really like to say thank you to everybody who's given us the time to listen to what we have to offer. It's a privilege to take part in the current metal scene, and we can't thank everyone enough. Thank you for your time.