Few reviews from Aesthetic Death Label 2/11/2011

The NULLL Collective - De Monstris (Album Cover)

The Null Collective- De Monstris-CD ( Aesthetic Death)

Do you even know what funeral doom is as most people don't remember the beauty and sickness of organs, guttural vocal, slow molasses guitars, primitive drumming and that warm vibration of a bass tone you can feel 20 minutes after hearing the track. The over all ritualistic effects that music so slow and building can create the madness of ones own reality. Well  The Null Collective not what there doing . This is where bands like Dusk (USA), Evoken, Skepticism, Shape of Despair and the mighty Esoteric all took the torch and made music on there on path and course. On De Monstris there is a very hypnotic and industrial over tone to it all almost were bands like Godflesh, Philistine and PHOBOS are doing. I fully understand that The Null Collective will not be for the masses but for those of us that miss the days of yore when Doom/Death meant slow, crushing and power well you have another hope for the movement. 

Murkrat - Murkrat (Album Cover)

Murkrat-S/t-CD (Aesthetic Death)

Wow I was not ready for the female vocals to come from this droning Doom/ Avant Metal force that reminds me very much of a few bands one being Madder mortem the other that comes to mind at once is Opera IX when it was female fronted of course. There is a occult element to the music and the mid tempo with such powerful vocals works so well. The melody is there esp in the guitars and bass work. The Drums are those lumbering Sabbath kind of percussion that works on many levels . The Synth work is very cool as its organ and string based at the same time and they way its mixes almost gives a black metal taste to the music but just in the overall tone not as the style. I like the dirty edge to the production and I swear at times this could be a soundtrack to a lost 80's horror film.  Murkrat mix a fine line on carnival music in a very unsettling way to. I see they have a new album coming in 2011 . I will be very interested in this as well.

Lysergene - Critical Mass (Album Cover)

Lysergene-Critical Mass-CD ( Aesthetic Death)

So back a few yrs Gordon on the mighty Doom unit Esoteric (UK) seems to have recorded this fantastic electronic dark /rhythmic industrial album that seems to come across as what Scorn , NIN, Terrorkaft and some of the more adventurous Cold meat and Dark Vinyl acts were cooking up in the late 90's early 21st century. The loops and beats are distorted and percussive . The tones are noise and the synths and what sounds like chopped up guitar works is very well layered and has a very cool Sci Fi approach to it . It reminds me a lot of James Plotkins " Flux" project or Xploding Plastix. The more I listen to this the more Lysergene is impressing me. This is electronic music for those that have come from a Jazz or Rock background and want to create music outside mainstream genres. I feel richer to have heard this and will be having it on my audio player for weeks and months to come. Stellar release.

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