New Reviews 8/20/2010

Haeresiarchs of Dis-Denuntiatus Cinis-CD (Moribund Cult)

Where the hell this this band come from this Orchestral, Black, Prog , Jazzy and Tech metal all at the same time with Chanting and Choirs of vocals going on over the Back screams and cries of torment. I almost want to say this band took something from And Oceans and Oxiplegatz in the arranging and stylistic way that this album has been put together . I really think something One man units are the way to go as they seem to add a lot of interesting turns. and with Haeresiarchs of Dis we have this and a very strong love of Later Emperor or even current Ihsahn material. Moribund just keeps building its arsenal of bands that out shine the next and let the rest of musical world go on as they have there core of fan and it grows by word of mouth and just the great live shows many of there bands have. I don't know where else to go with this band as they are so genre defining and original I would just say listen and sit in awe because clearly I am..

ENCOFFINATION- Ritual Ascension Beyond Flesh- CD (Self Made God)

Oh my I'm on my very knees thanking Self Made God for Encoffination this is Funeral inspired Death/ Doom Metal. If you like the Doomy parts of Bands like Incantation, Disenbowlment, Dusk and Thergothon then this is right up your alley.This is also very much slow and low Death metal force so bassy and guttural it makes me want to weep there are a few bands that come to mind one of them is Womb as this is very much in that style. Encoffination at times just sounds like a wall of Bass noise and I love it. This is the kind of Cut yourself and die slowly Doom I would hear in the 90's .. I hope this band gets a chance as the market for this is very small and being on a Eastern European label makes it all the harder. Man you have to love the samples and hugely effected vocals... Loving this really loving this..

Wolfshade- When Above- CD ( Wraith Productions)

Wolfshade is a very unusual sound force. They most remind me of the Dark Metal genre so bands like Bethlehem, Deinonychus and Shining to name a few There so many prog and avant guitar movements on this release you can feel the sorrow in the arrangements and the vocals sound like the man is being tortured to the end of his very life. Wolfshade also has this very unnerving Goth element that is intertwined within to an almost perfect level. A times they have this Opeth or Katatonia vibe to the music that is created I guess you can call it melancholy if you like. The Clean guitar and warm bass tones with the whispered vocals are just down right haunting. I again don't really know anything of Wolfshade other then I need to hear more now... Fantastic release..

Valdur-Raven God Amongst Us-CD ( Bloody Mountain Records)

Black Metal is what it is and this my friends is Black Fucking Metal. Fast, Loud and Pissed off . Valdur does what it wants and tells you what to listen to . The most brilliant part of all of this is they are a Heathen Black metal band they speak of the old world thought when the world was still honest and just not the plague the 21st century has spilled upon us. The Bombastic nature of this album is what makes it all the more impressive sounding to the listener. Valdur has a very strong viking metal sound to all the do through out this tracks of Raven God Amongst us and finally to all that say that need a label to back them this was released on Sxuperion's own label Bloody Mountain. So talk about a stellar DIY release there you have it...

Kommandant-Kontakt-CD (Planet Metal)

Ah Kommandant is back for more of there Industrial Thrashing Black metal and for one I'm all for it. This band always reminds me if Strapping Young lad and Fear Factory became Black metal. I know its an odd combo but its what I hear. There is a melody and madness to all that Kommandant creates. I hear moments of Marduk and Dark Funeral a lot as well . Kontakt is another great release of chaotic sounds that are here to twist and turn the listener in every direction. I don't know much about Planet Metal other then they do have some brutal metallic releases and I hope to see where Kommandant goes next.

October Tide- A thin Shell-CD (Candlelight Records)

What we have here is Katatonia Guitars and Some friends working on an Atmospheric Doom metal album that has a lot in common with Early Katatonia, Opeth and Edge of Sanity to what I'm hearing and one hell of a release in its own right. I love the Clean and Crushing melodies that are going on all at the same time here. The vocals are always guttural and powerful its the music that lays all the emotion into what is going to show us where the tracks will ebb and flow.. If your a fan of Dan Swano his production and recording then this is going to floor you as it really reminds me of " Spectral Sorrow" by Edge of Sanity.. Melodic Death metal as I said touched by Doom. Black and Post Metal sounds. This October Tide release sounds like an army of musician taking you all on at once. I really was not impressed before now by the band they had moments but this is truly stellar. A must listen by this reviewer...

Limbonic Art- Phantasmagoria-CD (Candlelight Records)

I have been listening to and really respecting the project for over 15 yrs now and with each release the band a duo has made some of the most interesting and creative Symphonic Black metal out there.. Well with this release the duo is no more and its all on Daemons shoulders now . With this Phantasmagoria huge symphonic elements are in the background more now and with that a more Thrashing Black sound has come to be. The strings are still there but its more in the way bands like Old man child or Mayhem have been using them now .. I really do like the new direction but its not fully Limbonic Art anymore either. Daemon should have just started a new project under a new name as this is going to confuse the fans and diehards out there that L.A. have .. The vocals are a bit more dark and rough and less Black metal this time out. There are still moments where the old Limbonic Art shines . I almost hear a Judas Priest element to the music this time out which never heard before. This will be a major judgement call for most of you so proceed with caution is all I say.

Woe- Quietly Undramatically-CD (Candlelight Records)

Woe is a project behind one man and other helping him. Chris Grigg and Chris is Woe let me tell you there could not be a better name for this Blackened/Doom force. There are elements of Thrash and Classic metal through out this album as well but at the core of all of this Woe is Blackened Hatred mixed with a Doom metal love. Woe as a band loves the 90's thrash, doom and Black metal sounds as this is where it all comes together if you could have members of Testament, Mayhem and Disenbowlment all in one project it would be call Woe. I love the screaching vocals that come through all of the blistering metallic guitars , mid and blast tempo rhythms.. There is a strong melody going on here as well but always more subtle then right in you face. Woe is a band that will take you of a journey to the pit of bleakness and back and for that I really want to hear more...

Krieg - The Isolationist-CD (Candlelight Records)

Several yrs out of focus Imperial as been working with nil and Twilight and Doom project March into the sea and now he have firmly come home to his madness his sickness know as Krieg and this is very much a Krieg filled with recording budget and sounds that are meant to be heard.. The vocals are full of venom and can be clearly heard which I really like this time out the music is much more in " Black House " side of where Krieg has been before. He does have members of Noctuary and Woe working with him on this album line up and the talent is there from sure not to mention Mr Parker of Twilight and Nachtmystium behind the board mixing and recording this and adding Synth elements. I know Imperial will bitch about this but I will tell you hands down this is the most accomplished work of Krieg so far and the most adventurous as I can hear. There are many Industrial and Avant elements going here as well. Krieg is really is Black metal there are no trend, no excuses they just record what they want and let the rest of the world decide and have no sorrow for doing this at all. The Isolationist is a mindfuck of a journey never forget this and I know you will not. Glad to see a major push on a good label again..