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LOCRIAN : rain of ashes-CD ( Basses Frequences)

Neoclassic/ Ambient Drone is something very hard to produce properly very few projects have brought the sound out in a way that works very well. If your a fan of Maeror Tri, Sonic Youth and Robert Rich all at the same time then Locrian is going to simply blow your mind. The waves and layers of sounds that this projects creates just washes over you in the most unforgettable of ways. The deep drones, the delicate pulses that flow over every track and the simple and sometime child toy like electronics that are incorporated in to the project as a whole are great esp with the Avant guitar moments. Locrian have this time giving us 2 very long live tracks without edits or overdubs which makes this all the more interesting to the musician side of me listening to " rain of ashes". I know very little about Basses Frequences other then this is a very quality release with minimalist artwork showing Locrian in there live surrounding mixed with scenes of nature in a 8 panel jewelcase setting. If you have never heard Locrian before then your missing out as at time they have a very noisy backdrop as well almost metallic guitars going on like Gravitar or Band of Susans did back in the day. I hope to be lucky enough to perform with these gentlemen if the come to play the southwest esp AZ anytime in the future.

Brown Jenkins -Death Obsession- CD (Moribund Cult)

Brown Jenkins mix two of the styles of music I love the most that should never properly work together. Post Black Metal and Dirty Indie Noise Rock. Imagine if Polvo or Rodan were a Black metal band or again if Sonic Youth mixed with Burzum this is such an odd combo but works so well. Its Haunting, Maddening and just down right brilliant all at the same time. I've heard that this maybe the last Brown Jenkins release if so I will be very sad to say the least. I love the clean dissidence on very verbed and fuzzed out guitars mixed with raw lo fi drumming and a very punchy bass line in all of this and the vocals to me are part Blackmetal then we again go in to that very Chicago Touch and Go/ Minn Amrep sound for those in the know you get the point right away by listening to Death Obsession. The Punk ethic lives strong and proud in this unit. Moribund all I can say in closing is hats off and horns up!!!!!
The Chinese Stars - Heaven on Speed Dial- CD (Anchor Brain)

I have no clue who The Chinese stars or anchor brain records are but I can tell you one thing for sure The Chinese Stars are from my old stomping grounds of Providence RI and kick ass as an indie rock force. The Chinese stars are really fucked up in sound if you mix Pop Punk, Dance Rock, Post Hardcore and Classic Rock all at the same time I think you maybe close to what these madmen are working on. The remind me a lot of a band called Tub Ring in what there doing . Anchor Brain seems to be a new label supporting RI bands and the 1st 3 are from that area. I love the frenetic and just odd ball approach to Indie and Anti Rock movements. This band would band people like Beck and Neil Young very proud. The Chinese Stars must be listened to to be fully understood so its time to check them out ASAP....
The Peoples Republic of Europe- Babylon-CD (Vendetta Music)

I'm sure I'm the last person on earth that should be reviewing electro industrial music of the dance variety. The only think I listen to that is even close to this would be Terrorfakt so this is what I hear while reviewing this CD or maybe early Ministry mixed with a bit of NIN from pretty hate machine. I would say they have moments of what Skinny Puppy and Nitzer Ebb do as well but other then that . I would say its very Martial and Battle like in a electronic fashion . The Peoples Republic of Europe is very beat driven as well but I seem not to hate it so that is a very big plus as well. Check them out there is a very dark side to the band I will dig a bit deeper and see if a new genre of music really becomes something I fully enjoy...

W.A.S.T.E. - A Silent Mantra Of Rage- CD (Vendetta Music)

Vendetta Music a home of Electro driven Power Noise where it's very beat driven and heavy and harsher tones mixed in with war like tempos . W.A.S.T.E fits very well into this scene with all that was just mentioned. There some vocal moment but they are more just a backdrop to the chaos at hands. I would think this would make a great soundtrack to most Zombie or Post Apocalyptic war files. Why do all these bands has such a love for land of rape and honey Ministry but they really seem too just want to rework and revisit that album a lot. I could see myself using this a back music to playing a game or reading a book as it will just enhance the mood to a good Sci fi, Horror or Fantasy Novel. I don't have much more to say other then W.A.S.T.E is growing on me more then the last Vendetta release I reviewed it has an odd old CMI and Dark Vinyl bands feeling to it esp Puissance..
True Widow-True Widow-CD (End Sounds)

Shoegazers and Ambient Drone Rockers unite as we have an amazing release coming from a band called True Widow. This is equal parts Slowdive, Swervedriver and My Bloody Valentine going on here with the mail and female vocals going on and lets not forget the huge nod to the Pixies going on here . If the Pixies needs a band to take the torche and continue that amazing style then here is True Widow. The fragile sounds mixed with the white washing of Shoegazing tones just makes this a beautiful and haunting release all at the same time. This is some I would expect to be on Projekt . 4AD or even Matador in this day an age. I feel a bit of sonic youth coming out here to. 3 rd time that name has it the reviews today. They are still one of my favorite all around band to me to this day and have influenced so many too. I love the wavering guitar tones here with the fuzz of a ultra warm bass line and the drummer never over playing to the music that is the sign of a project with the member making the song more then parts of the whole. True Widow I don't know how many albums out you have but you have done what Low and Russian Circles made me do search out all your albums and releases now.

Dark funeral - Angelus exuro pro eternus- CD (Regain Record)

Dark funeral is Dark funeral this is never going to change this is a blistering black metal force that are in total for the dark one and there satanic vision. There is a very epic sound and style to Dark Funeral but still the speed and nightmarish power that will close to tear your face off with there ultimate aggression. If your a fan of Marduk then this is a must own they have always followed a similar path. This is not for everyone I know as Black metal most times in this day and age comes across as just over the top at times. With Dark funeral you can see they are true to there cause and will not be turned from there course. Angelus is a huge sounding release with an army of guitars, drums and vocals that will drag you straight to the pits of the dark realms . As I said by now you either know Dark funeral or will never its that simple. They are a fantastic example of Bombastic epic Black metal .....

Gate- No Exit-CD (Fluttery Records)

Ah Jap Noise its always an adventure no matter who creates it Merzbow, Masonna, Melt Banana and Incapacitants etc. Gate is just the same where they try to add a bit of freeform jazz elements into there nutty collection of tones, rumbles, blips, feedbacks other forms of various broken and rewired pedals and odd laptop effects. No Exit will drive most to the point of ultimate madness but to the fans of this style myself loving this . I would say if the brilliant Jap noise label of SSSM was still around this would be a highlight to its roster. So I'm glad a newer label like Fluttery Records is keeping this style out there to the masses even if there are just a few thousand of us out there. I look forward to many more challenging releases from Fluttery and Gate...

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