Until the Sky Dies

Update 06/21/17

I can announce now J Stillings of the amazing Steel Hook Prostheses ( Currently on Malignant Records) Is and almost completed Mastering Our album for Cimmerian Shade Recordings. After many delays we are back on track and it sounding crushing and huge

Support this amazing musician, friend and amazing engineer at the info below 
Steel Hook Audio Mastering 

CD will be Digipak release
Vinyl LP will be limited to 300 copies with Bonus track and Digital copy

Artwork will be by Lindscape Design as all my releases have.

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A mix of Post Doom, Death, Noise and Prog Metal with electronic and industrial elements.

Clint Listing
Voice, Guitars, Bass, Effects

Ryan Michalski
 Lead Guitar, Drums and Effects

Contact Band

Until the Sky Dies - The Year Zero Blueprint

Full album 8 songs  Time 43:13

Recorded at
RPM Studios , Tampa Fl

4 tracks streaming below of up coming album

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