Idiot Robot

Clint Listing- Harsh Vocals, Vocals , Bass , Guitars
( Ex- Long Winters Stare, Ex- As All Die, EX- Black Depths Grey Waves, Until the Sky Dies)

Ryan Michalski- Voice, Guitars, Synths, Drums

( EX- Space King, Ex- Cosmic Punch, Until the Sky Dies)

Death Pop is what we call our music a mix of (Indie Rock , Pop Punk, Death Metal and Weirdo)
Sounds.....Sebadoh meets Death metal on a Synth Tip.

Official Video for " Everytime "

Idiot Robot -S/T
Sept 4th 2020

Limited to 100 CDs

Digital- (Spotify,Google/YouTube Music, Amazon, Itunes, Tidal, Pandora)


Running time -37:04