Dead Games Records

CEO-  Ryan Michalski
A&R/ PR Manager- Clint Listing

Underground home to Metal, Punk, Avant and Industrial music. Current Artists- Idiot Robot, Dead Dark Slide, A Darkened Sea & Clint Listing

Few Reissues for sale now 

4yrs of Suffering

Out of the love of Old School Industrial and Power Electronics is born 4yrs of Suffering this is a one off project of As All Die members to give you the bleakest and sickest view of the underground the can show. This is not something that will leave you
Genre: Electronic: Experimental

Never Forever Simply Done

by Black Depths Grey Waves

Black depths grey waves are a mix of the Occult elements from HP Lovecraft and A. Crowley's written words intertwined with Black Industial elements of bands like MZ412, Valefor and Profane Grace. This is not for the timid. They are for the explorers of th
Genre: Electronic: Ambient