About Us

Clint Listing
 Founder/ Writer/ Musician

 ( Anything Magazine related )

(Until the sky dies)

(Forgotten Pact)

For over 25 yrs Mr Listing has recorded under project such as
Sulkweed, Grizzle, Manthing, Long Winters Stare. As All Die, When Joy Becomes Saddness, Along the Rails of Change, Broken Hands for Brilliant Minds, Black Depths Grey Waves , Solo & Until the Sky Dies.

For Such labels as 
Crowd Control Activities, Flood the Earth, Blade, Odd Halo, Fractured Spaces, Aesthetic Death, Autumn Winds, Dark Symphonies, Somnambulant Corpse , Cyber Blast , Cimmerian Shade etc

Has run such record labels as
Dragon Flight Records, DFR Industries, Beauty and Pain and Absolute Zero Media

Created the following Print  Magazines and Digital Music blogs
The Dragon's Flight,  &  Absolute Zero Media,

Now all is under