Mouth of the Architect Interview 5/7/2010

Mouth of the Architect

1. Its been 2 yrs since your last release . Why just a 4 song EP??? . The Tracks are brilliant mix of Post Hardcore, Doom and Avant Metal but why the short release?

When we signed up for Quietly, the contract was for an LP and an EP. The material for Quietly was all ready to go, so the EP was next. It was a pretty quick writing process, and the recording, mixing and layout were all done ourselves. It is a short but powerful release.

2. You have worked with Translation Loss since your beginning days. They seem to really support you how has the label grow over the years to Mouth of the Architect?

Working with Translation Loss has been a pleasure, and we've both grown respectively over the years.

3. Does the band get tired of The Neurosis and Mastodon Comparisons ever as you have a real kinship in sound to both...

Yeah. Next question.
4. The line up of Mouth of the Architect has been volatile to say the least why as there been such in influx of members?

Its been a mixture of things, none of which are appropriate to talk about in an interview.

5. You're currently in Europe are the crowds much larger and strong for you there? How has the crowd reaction to the new material?

The crowds overall are really good, but just like any tour some areas are not so good. The response to our new material has been very good, and we are all excited to be traveling around Europe playing music.

7. Over the course of your 6-7 yrs of making music what are some of your favorite tracks to perform live and why?

We love playing almost all of our songs. On the other hand, some songs address some volatile periods in the band, and as a result we don play them anymore.

8. Will you be touring the USA on the new EP?

Probably not to the extent that we've done over the last few years, but yes.

9. What Bands are MOTA listening to currently traveling Europe?

Everyone has an iPod, so a lot of different stuff. The Beatles, Harry Belafonte, John Coltrane, Ween, stuff...

10. If someone was to ask MOTA what they sound like how would you all explain this?


11. Where do you see the current indie music scene going are digital music/ mp3 becoming a blessing or curse in your eyes?

My hope is that it crumbles the industry so people will start creating again.

12. Your website is very impressive most bands done care about real websites anymore they all go the myspace route. Tell us about this very complete website came to be.

Steve, our guitarist, learned basic web design, bought the domain name, then made our website. I think it's the first and only website he's made. Mostly it was made because Myspace is no good for merchandise and Paypal and all that.

13. Thanks for the time any closing thoughts here?